Structured Wiring for Homes and Businesses

There are many advantages to choosing structured wiring over traditional wiring in your home or place of businesses. Structured wiring offers endless possibilities for wiring electrical components and devices in today’s exciting world of advanced technology. And, it provides a scalable solution for meeting the demands of tomorrow’s tech innovations. 

WiseTech creates Smart Home Structured Wiring Systems that allow homeowners to completely control video, audio, security systems, internet, phone systems, lighting, and more through a single, centralized touch panel or keypad. Imagine being able to play a video in one room of the house and watch it simultaneously in all of the other rooms. Think about the ease of placing security cameras throughout your home, indoors and out, and monitoring digital footage from any TV or computer in your network. Businesses are also able to takeadvantage of these Smart Home Structured Wiring Systems’ benefits. Smart Home Structured Wiring Systems allow for complete control of most sub-systems in a home or office, from one universal control.

Increase the Value of Your Home

Homes that are set up with Smart Home Structured Wiring Systems can be considered more valuable because they’re “Future Ready,” or scalable to technology that we will use tomorrow. It’s great to be able to have complete control of sub-systems and technology in your home, but imagine being ready for whatever exciting technological advances the future might bring?

Smart Home Structured Wiring Systems can increase home value because they allow a residence to be wired for HDTV, VoIP, Wi-Fi, Gigabit networking, broadband internet, and various types of home media servers. WiseTech designs and installs Smart Home Structured Wiring for retrofit jobs and for new construction.


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